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Q: What was the first movie ever released on Blu-ray DVD?

A: Charlie's Angels II: Full Throttle

Somehow this Memorial Day, while everyone was watching McG's Terminator: Salvation, I ended up watching the director's previous summer blockbuster


Here's some cool trivia about the movie from the Internet Movie Database.
Courtney Love was offered Demi Moore's part as one of Charlie's former angels -- but she turned it down.

Star Drew Barrymore wanted Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" used for her character's "wild youth" flashback scene. The rights to the song were too expensive, but Barrymore called Jon Bon Jovi herself and told him how much she loved the song and how important it was to her that it be in the scene — and Bon Jovi found a loophole so they could use it in the movie.

Barrymore is also a fervent believer in gun control, which is why throughout the entire movie, none of the Angels use guns. (Barrymore's production company produced the movie.)

IMDB also suggests the movie includes a shout-out to Barrymore's start as a child actress in a Stephen King movie at the age of 9. " The song 'Firestarter' by Prodigy is played twice...[seemingly] a reference to the movie with the same title starring Drew Barrymore."

It was also the historic first DVD released by Sony -- or anyone -- in the high-definition Blu-ray format. ("Is Sony's library so poor that they had to go with Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle?" asked one blogger.)

And according to an ABC News article this weekend, Drew Barrymore had been "impressed by McG's music videos and asked him to direct. 'I had nothing going on in Hollywood. Drew Barrymore put her arm around me and protected me,' he recalled."

McG loved Bill Murray, who played Bosley, but got into an argument with him while filming and Murray head-butted him. "I was humbled by it. We giggled about it and moved on. It was a rite of passage," said McG earnestly.

Just two years ago, according to IMDB, McG was planning on filming a re-make of Revenge of the Nerds. But it fell through...

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