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Henry Mancini wrote a gazillion soundtracks for movies (and TV shows). But at the age of 70, just a few months before he died, Mancini also did a surprising and funny bit as one of the troubled callers to Dr. Frasier Crane's radio show on Frasier. (According to Wikipedia...)

The joke was he played a caller so boring that Frasier and Roz can't resist goofing around silently while he rambles on about his problem...


"I hate my voice. I mean, I know no one likes the sound of their own voice, especially when they hear it on tape, because it doesn't sound as good as it does in their own head. But I hate my voice in my head too.

"And you can't get away from your own voice either, you know. I've tried not listening to myself when I talk. But I find myself kind of saying things that don't make a lot of sense.

"I hate my voice so much, I had to call a neighbor in to do the message on my answering machine. I don't like his voice very much either, but it's better than mine. Not that I get a lot of calls, anyways. Well, you go figure.

"Any advice, Dr. Crane?"

Frasier replies "Yes. Just go on with what you're doing, and everything should turn out all right.

"Thank you for your call!"