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I've always loved the laid back song that Bing Crosby sang in The Road to Morocco.

He's accompanied by the "ghost" of Bob Hope's grandmother on harp...

It's been more than 20 years since I've seen the movie, but the tune still sticks in my head.
Ain't got a dime to my name
What a terrible shame.
Ho hum.
Ho ho, hum...

Just found a hole in my shoe
and my stocking shows through.
Ho hum.
Ho ho, hum.

I know that when you're as free
as a bird in a tree
life is a wonderful whim.
Look at the crank with his dough in the bank.
Don't you feel sorry for him?

Rolling along at a loss
never gathering moss
Ho hum.
Ho ho, hum.

I'm no terrific success
I ought to worry I guess
Ho hum. Whoa! Ho ho, hum.

I like a shady old tree
What's the matter with me?
Ho hum. Ho hum.

There's nothing quite as grotesque
as a man at a desk
looking outside at the sun.
Shirts made of silk and a diet of milk.
Maybe he thinks he has fun?

I've got the vagabond itch
Guess I'll never get rich.
Ho hum
Ho ho ho ho
Ho ho ho ho
Ho ho ho ho