In the greatest writing spree of my life, I cranked out more than 250 articles for Helium.

Here's part three of the list.

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Page 5: Actually useful articles
How to cancel an AOL account
The meaning of epigram
English words that don't rhyme with anything
Tax Tips for the Unemployed
Music: Beatallica
How To Become a Webmaster
Music: Bob Seger
.38 Special vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd
Music: Louis Prima
Longest English word spelled in alphabetical order
Longest word typed with only the left hand
YouTube sensation: Tay Zonday
Rainy Day music choices
DVD Review - The Rutles - Can't Buy Me Lunch
Crime in American Media - Law and Order
Biography: movie star W. C. Fields
Death of Johnny Hart, creator of the B.C. comic strip
Which family entertainment is affordable?
Best commercial jingles
Worst fictional characters in books and movies
TV shows and movies about island castaways
Television viewers: why TV viewership is dropping
Saturday Night Live celebrates its birthday
An update on the U.S. writer's strike

Sherwood Schwartz: Comparing the Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island
Online predators on dating sites like Craigslist
How to stop TV from taking too much of your time
Addams Family trivia
The best actors missed by Entertainment Weekly's Top 50 Greatest TV Icons
Reviews: Lost in Space
How to keep up with bills on a low income
The X-Files spin-off the Lone Gunmen
Red wine has health benefits
Charlie's Angels
Psycho II and Norman Bates
Psycho III starring Anthony Perkins
Psycho IV
The TV show "Soap"
Movei review: Dickie Roberts, Former Child Star
Movie review: Slapshot (with the Hanson Brothers)
TV show: Green Acres
TV show: Family Ties
TV Show: The Prisoner
TV Show: The Mummy
TV: Iron Chef
TV: The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Lost, the Complete Third Season DVD
TV: Las Vegas
TV: Lost Season 4 (preview)
Movie: You've Got Mail
FM - Steely Dan song vs. movie
Jane Russell's movie The Outlaw
Movie: Freejack (starring Mick Jagger)
Movie: The Pick-Up Artist (starring Molly Ringwald)
Music: The Beatles' Let It Be Naked
Band: Devo
Card games: Bang
TV - Space: 1999
Math: Understanding squares
Music: The Best 70s Songs
Edgar Allan Poe's gothic poem Ulalume
Games: playing opening rolls in backgammon
Chess tips: getting the most out of moves
Food: eggs vs. cholesterol
The newly-released Watergate tapes of President Richard Nixon
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl vs. Dead Man's Chest
Books: Lewis Carroll's Alice Through the Looking Glass
How to convert an annual salary to an hourly wage
Games: Yahoo's Literati vs. Scrabble
Should schools ban the game tag
Is Justin TV the next meme?
Anticipating the summer TV season
Chess tips: how to promote a pawn
Puzzle: How many blue beans make five?
10 secrets a man should learn about women
Is the U.S. 2008 Presidential election a personality contest?
Spider Solitaire Tips and tricks
Movie: Buster Keaton and The General
Determining gender when chatting online
Games: tips and tricks for winning at FreeCell
Is television worth watching?
Paris Hilton's boob job
Job tip: Are you a flaky employee
An explanation of Iowa and the caucus process
Math: understanding triangles
Web site: Craigslist
The origin of the Smurfs
Cats on film: the Pink Panther and more
Cartoons: The creator of Tweety Bird
Do love potions really exist?
Cartoons: the history of the Pink Panther
Movie Review: The Punisher
Author: William Faulkner
Author: Gertrude Stein
Requiem for America's Middle Class
Best Broadway songs (includes Wicked)
Creative ways to ask for a date
Frank Sinatra's album (and song) "Come Fly With Me"
TV: Peanuts and Charlie Brown
TV: The Flintstones and the Jetsons
American History: Impeach President Nixon - the Watergate Scandal
Movie: Cannonball Run
Music: The Monkee's movie soundtrack album "Head"
Music: The Monkees
Annette Funicello and How To Stuff A Wild Bikini
TV: The Office
The Perry Bible Fellowship: postmodernism?
Will there be a Wikipedia bible?
Sex: reasons why sex is good for your health
Would Hillary Clinton be running for President without Bill?
Setting a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq
Walt Disney, Britney Spears, and corruption of youth
Author: Norman Mailer
Movie: Across the Universe (with Beatles songs)
Sports: Who was the best NFL quarterback? (John Elway)
Movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks (and David Seville)
Christmas: Is Giving Better Than Receiving?
Choosing a study abroad programs
Birthday card for Helium
Common global warming myths
Best video game console: XBox 360 or PlayStation 3?
Should abortion require parental consent?
Songs with great opening lines
Movie reviews: Alone with Her
Rush Limbaugh: Racial exposure vs. racist

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