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In 1910, a British dance hall star sang a ditty about a man whose wife had had seven previous husbands.

57 years later, it was re-recorded by Herman's Hermits, and in 1967 became "the fastest-selling song in history," according to Wikipedia.

"I am Henry the Eighth, I am.
   Henry the Eighth I am, I am.
I got married to the woman next door.
   She's been married seven times before.

And every one was a Henry.
   She wouldn't have a Willy or a Sam.
I'm her eighth old man named Henry
   Henry the Eighth I am.

        (Second verse! Same as the first...)

But there's a strange second verse that hasn't been been popular since 1910. has a recording of the original 1910 version — which reveals how the marriage worked out.
The undertaker called and to the wife I heard him say
   "Have you got any orders, mum? We're very slack today?
I packed up number seven for you for the golden gates.
   Let's have a pound upon account of Henry the eighth."

Oh, when he measured me
   with half a yard of string.
I dropped upon me maribound
   and sang "God save the king"...