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A great moment in western civilization is preserved in this Amazon DVD review.

It was a thing of beauty what happened back in 2003. People of all races, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, political affiliations, religions, and any other differences you can think of that polarize us finally agreed on one thing. We all took a stand against the syphilitic evil of reality programming by laughing The Real Cancun out of the theaters.

Of course, any uprising of this magnitude is bound to have opposition. The bad guys aligned themselves with the thirty-three people left, most of them in the 14-16 year old age bracket, who still watch eMpTyV (and buy any products that eMpTyV hawks) and a bunch of horny frat boys waiting for something to tide them over until the next Girls Gone Wild DVD hit the shelves.

When the smoke cleared, the good guys were victorious for a change.

Now for network television. WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!!

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Reviewer: Habitual Linestepper
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