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"Someone had to be the first," my girlfriend said.

44 years ago, Sammy Davis Jr. appeared in a Broadway musical called "Golden Boy," and sang the song "Yes, I Can."

Yesterday someone uploaded the song to the internet.

"On this, the eve of perhaps one of the most important elections of our lifetime, I would like to post this wonderfully uplifting song...

I'm urging you to go out and defend your candidate, whether you be a Democrat or a Republican, as long as your voice is heard and you use your right to vote."

A Destiny-land reader writes:

I won tickets to that play in 1965 when I was a senior in high school. I bought the album and have every song memorized.

Now, 43 years later, when I would drive to Democratic headquarters to start my day of phoning, going door-to-door, etc., I'd sing: "Yes, I Can." The golden boy image and that song just resonated the whole time.