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Eric told Donna he was sorry...

I finally watched the last episode of "That 70s Show." reports some interesting trivia about the closing credits.

"The gang is in the Vista Cruiser, singing along with 'Hello It's Me' by Todd Rundgren; they're coming home from the Todd Rundgren concert... that they went to in the pilot."

The episode takes place, of course, on the last night of the 70s - December 31, 1979. Which creates an opportunity for even more trivia...

"The outfit that Kitty wears in the New Year's Eve party scene (red blouse, flowered skirt) the same outfit she wears when she is first seen in the party scene in That '70s Pilot."

But you know who really got sentimental? The show's actors.

Laura Pepron, who played Donna, tells E that the first time the cast read the last episode, "We were all just crying... I'm probably going to watch it just by myself, not in front of a lot of people because it's really special, and I'm probably going to be crying like a little baby."

And the actor who played Hyde added that while they were working on the last episode, "There were people losing it."

And -- one more time -- Eric told Donna he was sorry...