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What's Barack Obama's favorite movie?

The Godfatherparts 1 and 2. ("Three -- not so much.")

In an interview with CBS's Katie Couric, Obama said his other favorite movies were Lawrence of Arabia and Casablanca. ("Who doesn't like Casablanca?)

"I asked for one," Katie Couric complained.

"I'm a movie guy," Obama replies, unapologetically. "I can rattle off a bunch of movies!"

And what's Barack Obama's favorite book? (Besides the Bible, and besides Shakespeare?)

Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon, he tells Couric.

And Barack Obama's favorite kind of pie? Sweet potato.

But today, Barack Obama is reading Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer, according to Political Wire.

And his Facebook page adds another favorite movie for Barack: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

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