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The Rocky Horror Picture Show - filmed 30 years ago - starred Barry Bostwick as the nerdy "Brad Majors." Bostwick was 29.

30 years later Bostwick (now 59), played a serial killer in an episode of the CBS TV show Cold Case. The detectives trace his character's history to 1977, when he may have murdered a Philadelphia doorman...

As a troubled Mormon teenager, he'd searched for a woman as pure as Mary Magdalene. And eventually a female co-worker agreed to take him to a movie.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Besides footage of the traumatic date at the movie, the episode included several songs from the film in its flashbacks. Rocky Horror fans would recognize "Superheroes," "I'm Going Home," "Hot Patootie," "Over at the Frankenstein Place", and - inevitably - "Eddie".

"From the day he was born, he was trouble...."