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It was weird when Devo announced their next album would be sung entirely by cute kids from the Disney channel.

Disney even released nine complete music videos.

Girl U Want
Uncontrollable Urge
Freedom of Choice
Whip It
Beautiful World
Big Mess
That's Good
Peek a Boo

UPDATE: I don't know why the kids were playing instruments in the videos, since all they did on the CD was sing.

But "Cyclops" is one of the first new Devo tracks in 20 years. And then there's the Disney kids' version of Devo's 1982 classic "Peek A Boo." ("I know what you do, 'cause I do it too.")

"The way that we weren't
is what we'll become.
So please pay attention
while I show you some
of what's about to happen."

UPDATE: An entry about Devo 2.0 on Wikipedia has apparently been hacked in retaliation. The phrase "vocals provided by children" has been re-written so the page now describes a new Devo album with "vocals provided by yeti children."

Actual changes in lyrics appear below.

Devo sang "It's a beautiful world for you... It's not for me."
Devo 2.0 sings: "It's a beautiful world for you...I guess me too!"

Devo sang "A dog who found two bones...he ran in circles, til he dropped dead."
Devo 2.0 sang "A dog who found two bones..he ran in circles, til he dropped down"

Devo sang: "I'm a man with a mission, a boy with a gun."
Devo 2.0 sings "I'm a girl with a mission...a girl having fun."

Devo sang: "Life's a bee without a buzz."
Devo 2.0 sings: "Life's a bee that doesn't buzz."

Devo sang: "It's got style, it's got class, so strong, I can't let it pass."
Devo 2.0 sings: "Fogged in, after lunch, I get a snack attack, I need to munch."

Devo sang: "Eliminate the ninnies and the twits."
Devo 2.0 sings: "Eliminate the time you waste in cliques."

Devo sang "Look at you with your mouth watering."
Devo 2.0 sings: "Look at you with your mouth muttering."

Devo sang: "You know you're headed for the pleasure burn."
Devo 2.0 sings "You know you're shaking and you're ready to learn."

Thanks to X-Ray specs for the last one. They add that "The sooner my daughter can be through being cool and snap the trap of going with the flow, the better."

Many more lyric changes were added for an alternate version, Boy U Want
An entirely new set of lyrics was created for Jerkin' Back and Forth

NEW: A comparison of the differences on Through Being Cool

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