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"And let us not
 forget to toast
 everyone who might have
 missed the boat.

 And to everybody
 else who waits
 till the next one sails in again..."

I thought that would be a beautiful epigram for a book about the dotcom days in the 90s. But though the Devo song is called "That's Good," someone else has a different opinion.

This is some of the laziest rhyming I've ever heard. These lyrics are especially bad, because earlier in the song the lyics to this part of the structure did indeed rhyme. ("Ain't it true, there's just no doubt / There's some things that we can't do without...") That's not good at all!

It's just one of many examples submitted to a site listing nearly 400 artists who are guilty of badly-rhymed lyrics.

Also available: misheard lyrics and made up lyrics.