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Downey Records isn't actually in Downey...

Well, it's 25 feet from the "Now Entering Downey" sign. But if you look at a map, that sign is just in the wrong place....
Apparently Downey Records was in the back of Wenzel's Music Town, a record store serving Southern California's music lovers for 40 years.

Now it's a hub cap store.

Downey is also home to the world's oldest (still functioning) McDonalds on Lakewood Boulevard, north of Firestone Boulevard. The locals want to preserve it as a historic place - though ironically, McDonalds itself wants to tear it down. (There's four other McDonalds outlets in the city...)

Some suspect it's a cover-up. Ray Kroc learned the fast food business from Dick and Mac McDonald in Downey, and later bought their restaurants. McDonalds likes to claim the first McDonald's restaurant was the one opened later by Ray Kroc in Illinois...

See also: the first McDonald's commercials - which starred Willard Scott!