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50 Cent's movie gets a fascinating review from Roger Ebert.
Billboards for the movie have been protested by citizens' groups -- not do-gooders or killjoys but people who have seen the bodies on the streets and attended the funerals and seen drugs taking a deadly tax of young manhood. Hustle & Flow is about a man...who wants to escape the drug world and become a musical artist. Get Rich is about a man who hangs on in the drug world as long as possible, and becomes a musician because he is talented and very lucky. There is a difference between these two life strategies.

Still, I must review the movie, not offer counseling to Curtis Jackson. Get Rich is a film with a rich and convincing texture, a drama with power and anger...

The best thing that happens to Jackson is that he is sent to prison. This probably saves his life...

Ebert jokes that Get Rich or Die Tryin' "offers a limited range of choices, but we'll probably never see a film titled 'Get By and Don't Die.'"