It's..... The happiest blog on earth

I watched the Emmy's tonight.

Random notes I jotted throughout the night...

  • Paul Newman didn't show up. Snap! What a snub!

  • Geoffrey Rush is so cool!

  • I got a little misty during the Carson tribute. Especially when he sang "Here's that Rainy Day" with Bette Midler.

  • Wow - Tarantino showed up. I didn't know he made his debut as an Elvis performer on "The Golden Girls."

  • They really hit George Bush pretty hard. They showed Jon Stewart following a clip of Bush by saying "You know I love you, that's why I hit you." And Blythe Danner thanked "our kids in Iraq. Let's get the hell out!"

  • I'll just note that William Shatner didn't sing the lyrics to the Star Trek theme.

  • "Don't push me. Take your hands off me unless you plan to arrest me."
    - - Dan Rather in 1968. I've always wanted to see that clip....

  • In Memoriam: Jerry Orbach, Bob Denver.

  • Pretty classy, bringing out Charlie, the little boy from New Orleans.

  • I was glad Lost finally won something. And that they brought the whole cast onto the stage for it -- Charlie, Sawyer, Sayeed, Locke, Jin, Hurley, Jack...