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Marvel comic books received comments from their readers about the costume on Carol Danvers in the Ms. Marvel comic book.

I wouldn't mind if you made the back show off her butt a little more...

And if you made it a thong, I wouldn't complain about that either.

The reader said he'd especially liked the way Frank Cho drew Ms. Marvel's butt. (Though the character is currently drawn by Roberto DeLaTorre.)

In reply, the comic's writer remembered the first thing Frank Cho ever said to him.

"Hey, nice to meet you. You gotta tell DeLaTorre to start drawing her boobs bigger."

Source: Ms. Marvel #7.
Image: Ms. Marvel #3.
Both issues appear in The Essential Ms. Marvel trade paperback

This all happened before they staretd calling her Captain Marvel. See also: that time Ant-Man watched snuck into Ms. Marvel's shower

Inevitably, this page has now become Google's #1 match for the phrase "Ms. Marvel's buttocks!"