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The Nancy comic strip attracted new interest last year after some bloggers discovered "the Sexiest Nancy panel ever."

Today I found pictures of more Nancy comic book covers which could be construed as hinting at kinky S&M themes.

Finally, since we're talking about it, here's my own "artist's conception" for the origins of the sexiest Nancy panel ever. (Google Images just put it on their fourth page of results for the phrase "bondage drawing.")

This post was inspired by the re-surrected 1960 comic... Linus Versus the Pooping Robot.

It led me to this page about strange comic book versions of Peanuts
which were supervised, but not drawn, by Charles M. Schulz!

And click here for still more Nancy goodness.

Strangely, now I'm Google's number one match for the phrase "comic strip kinky" -- but only for the FRENCH version of Google.