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Things you didn't know about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During World War II, the Steelers experienced player shortages. They twice merged with other NFL franchises in order to field a team.
  • During the 1943 season, they merged with the Philadelphia Eagles forming the "Phil-Pitt Eagles" and were known as the "Steagles". This team went 5-4-1.

  • In 1944 they merged with the Chicago Cardinals and were known as "Card-Pitt" and informally known as the "Car-Pitts" or "Carpets".

I decided to look up this year's Super Bowl teams on Wikipedia. I also learned that the 1938 Steelers had a player named Byron White, who later left professional football and became a Supreme Court Justice.

And what does Wikipedia say about the Seattle Seahawks?

In 1979, the Seahawks set the NFL record for the lowest total offense in one game (minus 7 yards) in a 24-0 loss to the Los Angeles Rams at the Kingdome.