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Before their classic surfing song "Pipeline," here's how the Chantays got their recording contract. They were high-school aged kids near Santa Ana, and...
"In 1962 during summer vacation we travelled to Big Bear, California, to jam at a club where one of our friends was appearing. We could not find the club, so we asked around and found this outdoor stage where a record party was to take place in Lake Arrowhead.

"We sat up our equipment near a refreshment stand and before we knew it a large crowd formed, and we were happy to hear that executives from the record industry were present. The band was offered a recording session and Downey Records signed The Chantays."

The song's original name was "44 Magnum".

Pal Records producer Paul Buff claims the Chantays also took his recording and arrangement of "Pipeline" to Downey Records, where it was re-recorded and released.

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