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Johnny Depp has played pirate Jack Sparrow in two Pirates of the Caribbean movies - and said he modelled his character on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

It's been confirmed. The next movie in the series will include an appearance by Keith Richards himself.

In the third film ("At World's End"), the main characters "sail off the edge of the map, navigate treachery and betrayal, and make their final alliances for one last decisive battle," according to the plot summary at

"The Golden Age of Piracy is finally at its end. The East India Trading Company has amassed an enormous fleet with one purpose in mind: riding the waters of all pirates... Our heroes must face Lord Cutler Beckett, Davy Jones and Admiral James Norrington in a titanic showdown that could eliminate the freedom-loving pirates from the seven seas -- forever."

Rumor has it that Keith Richards will be playing: Jack Sparrow's father.