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A North Carolina newspaper had a contest on their web site to guess: which Simpson's character would come out of the closet on the February 20 episode?

Homer's latest money-making racket was performing gay marriages - and he eventually got approached by....

Marge's sister Patty! ("You could see it from space, Marge!")

But what's more interesting is to see which characters viewers thought were going to come out as gay - according to the site's unscientific poll!

20% - Smithers
17% - Carl (and 6% for Lenny)
  8% - Ned Flanders
  8% - Barney Gumbel

  5% - Mrs. Crabapple
  5% - Moe the bartender
  4% - Groundskeeper Willie
  4% - Comic Book Guy
  3% - Disco Stu
  3% - Principal Skinner
  2% - Side-Show Bob
And the winner of their contest was......... me!

I was one of six people who correctly guessed Patty.

"We're extremely proud of you," the site's producer told me. Adding "The only person to vote for Mr. Burns was my mother."