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I was browsing my local bookstore when I spotted it.

"Snakes on a Plane" - the book.

"A snake jumped right out of this book like a spring-loaded projectile of venom and bit me right on the nose!" writes one Amazon reviewer. "It's just THAT intense!" ("7 of 7 people found this review helpful...") ("Add to baby registry!")

I think this photograph sums up my generation. It's caption?

"I'm enjoying Snakes on a Plane in Print."

UPDATE: The mysterious reader of the book has been identified! ("Since I didnít want to ruin the ending, Iím only going to read the first chapter....")

His blog post included an excerpt from the opening of the book - which drew the following reader responses.

"That first paragraph suffers from a severe lack of snakes."

"Also planes."

The film's merchandisers appear eager to capitalize on the movie's internet buzz. Also available:

Snakes on a Plane: The Album, whose product description notes that the best fan-produced songs are included on the enhanced portion of the CD.

Snakes on a Plane - 2007 Calendar

Snakes on a Plane: The Guide to the Internet Ssssssensation. ("...lavishly illustrated, featuring much of the fan's original artwork.")

Snakes on a Plane: The Complete Quote Book.

Snakes in the Cockpit: Images of Military Aviation Disasters

Sheep in a Jeep