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Samuel L. Jackson's next movie is called:
Snakes on a Plane.

Let that sink in for a minute. We live in a world where a movie exists called, simply:
Snakes on a Plane.

Already a message board for the movie has lit up with sheer joy over this wonderful madness. You can sense the buzz just by reading its subject lines...
  • 'we just can't figure out why the box office is down...'

  • My sequel: Snakes on a Boat

  • Not Possible! Never Would Happen! [by spoilerpunk7]

On the message boards at, SpoilerPunk7 notes that "There are no damn snakes in Hawaii and even if the bad guy brought them from some other country or whatever, he still wouldn't have made it onto that plane because Hawaii is so incredibly strict about having snakes...."

At which point someone makes the obvious counter-observation. "You're nitpicking a movie called Snakes On A Plane..."

Catch the mania. ("This is the best thing to happen to cinema since sound.") Catch the madness. ("I came on this plane specifically to get away from snakes yet here they are! ON A PLANE!") Catch the message board's heartfelt petition, in which 50 posters have already participated. ("If you want this movie to be titled SNAKES ON A PLANE, post here...")

But if you follow one link - just one - you simply must see the home-made movie poster created specifically for....

Snakes on a Plane.