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"Click Here to go to the FCC Complaint Form!"

Sure, if you want to narc out That 70s Show. The nice folks at the Parents Television Council issued an Action Alert about possible offensive material in its March 24, 2004 episode, "Happy Jack."

They watched it over and over again, transcribed it, then published their transcript on the web. So that you could read it, and then protect your kids (and anyone else's) from ever having to watch it for themselves.

And - HA HA HA HA!!!! Some of these jokes are REALLY FUNNY! Er, uh, I mean...

"WARNING: The following content summary is explicit and will be EXTREMELY offensive to many."

"This is Donna's fault with all her 'No more sex 'till we're married' crap. You guys have no idea how hard it's been to have no sex at all...."

The Parents Television Council was responsible for 99.9 percent of indecency complaints to the FCC.